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Trees Breathing Captured In A Video: Video Goes Viral

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An internet video showing a tree breathing has been posted. 

Many social media users have been baffled by the strange footage of the tree "heaving" and are trying to figure out why.

This incident occurred in Calgary, Canada, in June. 

The caption to the post stated that Calgary was experiencing heavy rain (100mm) and strong winds of 70-90 km/h.

The clip has been viewed more than 5 million times and received around 44,000 likes on YouTube.

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Trees Breathing Captured In A Video

One user commented, "This tree looks like it belongs somewhere else; it's kinda creepy." 

Another wrote, "Tree has crack and windy so when it leans due to wind, the crack widens."

One-third stated, "Stranger Things Right There," and a fourth said, "A tree from HELL!"