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Toyota Offers To Buy Back Your Bz4x Electric SUVs

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Toyota will offer the chance to purchase back its electric SUV bZ4X crossovers after recalling it in June, first published by Electrek.

The recall of the Toyota released just 2 months after the bZ4X relates to loose hub bolts on the wheel, which could cause the wheel to come off when driving.

Toyota initially advised owners of bZ4X not to drive their vehicles. 

They recommended contacting your local Toyota dealer to collect and store the vehicle while waiting for an answer.

The company could then offer customers a complimentary car loan in exchange.

However, if the owner isn't happy with these choices, Toyota says it will purchase back the $42,000 and up for the vehicle.

Toyota states that the buyback will depend on the owner's condition and other circumstances.

The recall affects approximately 2,700 vehicles. However, it's not clear how many of those are being shipped.

The bZ4X is Toyota's initial attempt at an all-electric car and is off to an uphill beginning.

We hope that Toyota can iron out any remaining issues before it delivers more vehicles and increases production to meet its $17 billion target of releasing 30 electric vehicles before 2030.