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Tor Browser Now Bypasses Internet Censorship Automatically

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Tor Browser 11.5, an essential release from the Tor Project, has been released by the Tor Project team. It includes new features that will help users fight censorship.

Tor Browser was created to allow users to access sites via The Onion Router network (Tor). It offers anonymity and privacy for information access.

This is done by routing traffic through the network and encryption it at each step. Finally, an exit node is used to relay information to the user to ensure that the connection reaches its destination. Bypassing autoblock

Updates to Tor Browser 11.5 are focused on bypassing censorship. This process began a year ago with version 10.5 and improved the Tor connection experience. Users no longer need to manually test bridge configurations to unblock Tor with the new version.

Tor Browser 11.5 now includes a new "Connection Assist" feature that automatically assigns the best bridge configuration for the user's specific location.

The release announced that "Connection Assist" works by downloading and looking up a list of country-specific options for you to use (with your permission).

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