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Top Programming Language Elon Musk Likes, And Why

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Although Elon Musk's attention has recently changed towards the cryptocurrency market,

Elon Musk was mainly thinking about different features of programming languages.

There are some languages that can be useful for him and were used within his tech teams.

1. C language 2. C++ 3. Java 4. Python

When Jackson Palmer, the CEO of Elon's preferred cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, stated on a podcast saying that Elon is a fraudster and doesn't know programming, 

Elon gave Palmer a strong reply, asking him to share the script online that he said Elon couldn’t get the gist of. 

It's clear that Elon does have a point. Although many of us might consider it a groundless statement, it is a good chance that he's an avid user of clean programming.