TikTok announced Friday that it had transferred its US user data from TikTok to Oracle's cloud platform. Officials in the US were concerned that TikTok's Chinese connections could pose national security threats.

TikTok stated in a blog that it had "changed the default location of US user information to Oracle" and that "100%" of US traffic is now hosted at the cloud provider. This was after more than a year-long discussion with the company.

TikTok stated that the backups of US user information are still stored on TikTok servers in Virginia and Singapore but will be eventually deleted as part of an ongoing switch to Oracle (ORCL). TikTok didn't give a timeline for the planned deletion.

TikTok stated that Oracle and TikTok have been working for months to develop a plan for managing the US user data of the social media company, including procedures for Oracle to audit TikTok's handling of the data.

TikTok stated that these changes would enforce additional employee protections and provide more safeguards to reduce data transfer outside the US further.

Starting under the Trump administration, officials raised concerns about TikTok, owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. They claimed that US users could risk having their data exposed to China's government.

TikTok claimed that US users' data was safe from prying eyes because it was stored in Singapore and the United States. Trump tried to ban TikTok's app from the US, but the courts stopped that.

Trump also tried to force ByteDance into spinning off TikTok to a new company owned by primarily US investors.

The Biden administration indicated many of the same concerns last year when it reversed Trump's executive actions against TikTok and replaced them with a wider order that addressed apps related to foreign adversaries more generally, including China.