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TikTok Is Launching A Music App To Compete Apple, YouTube And Spotify

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Given how closely TikTok and music discovery are knotted, it would not be surprising if the company launched a music streaming app.

Insider discovered patent filings that suggest TikTok is working on precisely this.

ByteDance, TikTok's parent, filed a trademark application to the US Patent and Trademark Office in May for "TikTok music". 

According to the filing, users could purchase, share, download, and play music.

It lets users create, share, recommend, and comment on playlists.

ByteDance filed for a trademark "TikTok music" in Australia last November. However, ByteDance has already had experience streaming music in the past.

It is unclear if ByteDance will develop a music streaming app using the Resso framework (one of their app) or if it will create something entirely new.

Like how TikTok has had a profound effect on the operation of social media sites, a music streaming service with TikTok tie-ins may change the music streaming industry and force services to adapt.