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TikTok Hacked: Over 2 Billion User Database Records Stolen

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TikTok denies that it was hacked following a hacker group's posting of photos of what they believe is a TikTok database

That includes the source code of the platform as well as details about users (via Bleeping Computer).

 In response to the allegations, TikTok said its team "found no evidence of an attack on security."

As per Bleeping Computer, hackers shared images of the suspected database on a hacking site where they claimed they had accessed the data from the server used by TikTok. 

The server holds over 2 billion records and 790GB of user information, including platform statistics and code. 

The hackers called themselves Against The West, claim they also acquired information via the Chinese messaging application WeChat.

Tiktok Hacked: 2 Billion User Data Stollen Pics