TikTok Copied  BeReal Feature ANd Launched As 'TikTok Now'

TikTok, the latest app to offer dual camera features, hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of BeReal.

TikTok announced TikTokNow, a feature that will send daily notifications to users to capture photos or videos using both their front and rear cameras.

The company stated in the post that they are expanding their suite of creation tools to continue to foster spontaneous and authentic connections on TikTok. 

You guys enjoy accidentally sharing company secrets while working from home on another app.

What if it was possible to do the same thing on TikTok? The new TikTok feature now has its tab next to the bottom button on the app.

Like BeReal, users must post their moment-in-time photos to see the other posts. 

There's also a time limit within which you can post your position.

But TikTok, unlike BeReal, allows users to post 10-second videos and still images.

The company will test the feature in the coming weeks. TikTok Now in the US will be available within the main app. 

TikTok Now could be available in other parts of the world as a separate app.