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Thousands Of Nothing Phone (1) Buyers Report Green Tint Display, Issues Around The Selfie Camera

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The green tint occasionally haunts smartphone makers with AMOLED displays, and the Nothing phone (1) is the latest handset to fall victim to it. 

That is not the only QA issue plaguing the young company's first smartphone, however, as multiple buyers report on Twitter.

"Green tint "green tint" problem is easy to explain; however, look at the images in the following slides to see what it appears like.

One person purchased the unit through Flipkart and returned it due to the tint, but the replacement model came with the same issue.

Additionally, some models have problems with the punch hole in the selfie camera. This is similar to the issue found in some Pixel 6 units.

The Twitter team of Nothing has acknowledged that the situation exists. Still, there's no official advice regarding what you can do if you find that your phone (1) is experiencing similar problems. 

It is recommended to call the retailer you purchased the phone from.