This Web3 Startup Offers Lifetime Netflix And Spotify Membership Via NFTs

Revuto, a Web3 subscription and ticketing provider, announced a new subscription model for Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services using NFTs.

Revuto announced it will offer a lifetime subscription to Netflix and Spotify via Revolution NFT. The unique subscription model would be available to a total of 10,000 users. 

Revuto's head of business development Dino Ivankovic explained how subscription-based NFTs can become an ecosystem.

"We want to give the user more control. NFT technology allows users to make money from subscriptions that they don't use by selling or sending them to other people who might be interested.

It may even be possible to rent it out in the future.

These subscription NFTs can also be traded on crypto exchanges, allowing for the growth of a secondary market for these types of NFTs. 

Once the NFT changes hands, the old user's digital debit card would get canceled, and the new owner would be provided with a new debit card. 

Revuto will introduce subscription-based services via its NFT solutions and end unwanted subscription fees.

The NFT market has experienced a steady decline in trading volume in recent months due to bearish market dominance. However, innovation continues to grow in the sector. 

Meta, Facebook's parent company, announced recently that it will soon introduce NFTs on its social media platforms.

NFTs were a fad during the peak bull market of 2021. They started with digital collectibles and then expanded to GameFi and metaverse environments.