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A photo shared via social media shows the cube art on a flat surface. Michael Cheshire created the art. 

The artist explained that the two-dimensional art is made of wood veneers and a solid background.

The choice of three different wood colors in a hexagon creates the illusion of depth.

It is arranged so that it looks like a 3D cube. The 3D effect is magnified when many hexagons are arranged in overlapping patterns and of different sizes. 

The larger outer hexagons create an illusionary cube that balances and encloses the entire design.

The gaps between them also create the structure's 3D effect. It is possible to see the structure as 3D even though it appears flat," says the description.

This illusion was voted the best and shared in the contest for the best illusion of 2013. This contest honours the most amazing images from around the globe.

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