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This Site Reveals The Mysterious Things TikTok And Instagram Might Track

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Did you know that you could be tracked when you open an iOS in-app browser?

An innovative tool shows how apps like TikTok or Instagram could potentially use JavaScript 

without your consent to view sensitive data such as your credit card information and passwords.

Tool name is InAppBrowser. Open the app that you wish to inspect and then share the InAppBrowser.com URL within the app.

You can either DM a friend or post it in a comment. You can tap the link to get a report on the scripts running in the background.

Felix Krause, the tool's creator, has some FAQs to help you understand what you see. 

Krause responded to questions about how to protect yourself best. "Whenever you open any link from an app,

check if it offers a way for you to open the current website in your default web browser."