Your future lies where? This optical puzzle might have some hints that can help you to get the answer.

 This amazing optical illusion was created by Oleg Shuplyak, who uses hidden images to reveal many info using psychology.

This painting hides objects and living things but also has a hidden meaning that makes it even more fascinating. Is there a secret symbol in this painting?

Did you discover the secret symbol? Is it hidden in the image? Pay attention and take your time to figure out.

What was your experience with this optical illusion? 

Have a second look at the image of this optical illusion.

This beautiful image shows a face made of reeds. But you might have noticed that the eyes, nose, and mouth look like a bird. The feathered bird's legs and feet double as the woman's mouth. 

What does this bird symbolize? What does the bird signify about the future? Move to the next slide to see the explanation.

The image shows a bird that is a stork. This indicates positive things in store for anyone who has seen it in the optical illusion. Experts believe that the stork is a symbol of joy. 

It reminds us of the bright future ahead. They also symbolize hope and the belief that there is always a way. They are often associated with newborn babies.