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Do You Have High IQ? Try This Optical Illusion And See The Results

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How many dolphins can you see in the video? This optical illusion in the ocean can determine your smartness by observing how many gentle sea creatures you locate.

Only the sharpest of readers can spot every dolphin swimming in the blue sea of cartoons.

A quick look at this picture can make you believe that there are just nine dolphins.

As you get closer and start to examine the image closer, dolphins appear to be revealed.

The illusion was shared on TikTok and drove viewers mad when they could not figure out the correct number of dolphins.

Several dolphins are stacked on top of each other and can be seen by the many fins and tails that are extremely close.

Some are hidden behind the most visible dolphins, as shown by their outline and eyes that appear to pop out.

All dolphins come in various sizes and sizes. Answer: You'll find seventeen dolphins in this bizarre photo if you're a bit clever.