Today's optical illusion  will show you information about you, such as your personality and whether or not you are a leader or thoughtful.

The image given below is computer-generated and tells you a lot about the person looking at it. The image was created by Dr. Rebecca Spelman of Funding Circle.

According to an expert, people generally fall into one of three categories: "Big Picture Thinker," a "Go-To" person, or a "Business Creative."

What do you see in this image? Is it creased black silk fabric or something else?

Different people have different perceptions and views. Some believe that the image is only made of creased black silk fabric. Others believe that the middle of an image contains a different type of image.

What it means "If you saw a creased piece of black silk as your first impression": Experts believe that people who think big are more attentive and are less concerned about details or small things.

They rely on their instincts to solve problems. They approach issues without a plan.

What it means "If you saw a dog's face as your first impression": According to experts, You are a "GO TO" personality with natural leadership abilities.

They are emotionally intelligent and can bring out the best in people.