This Optical Illusion Makes Room Looks Like Shrinking - See The Video Now.

The illusion was shared by a TikTok magician in a video that has been liked by 1.2 million people and viewed by 6.6 million.

Seany via TikTok -- directed viewers to look at the red dot at the centre of the image (Video is in the last slide).

The video shows a black and white abstract pattern that moves outwards with a red dot at the centre.

He said, "Feel free and allow yourself to blink if necessary, but don't forget to look at the dot."

For 10 to 15 seconds more, continue staring at your room. The walls should appear to be shrinking after you have finished.

One commenter declared, "MY LIVINGROOM WAS SHRINKING." Another said, "I'm outside, and it still works," A user asked, "WHY DID THAT REALLY WORK?" Check out the VIDEO in the next slide.

Video Credits:  seandoesmagic (Tiktok)