A woman was shocked to discover a terrible discovery in her front yard. However, it turned out to be an optical illusion.

Can you spot the scary image in her garbage can? Sammi Jorgensen, who was just starting her day and doing chores, noticed something unusual outside.

The video she took of her traumatized reaction and uploaded to TikTok received more than 758k hits. Jorgensen stated, "So, I just had an immediate panic attack."

She stood inside her house and pointed the camera outward, explaining what had happened. She said, "I was looking at the dogs and saw something in the trash can."

"You see it?" Jorgensen asked. It looks like a dead cat. Zooming in revealed exactly what Jorgensen saw. A pointed set of ears, a striped face, and yellow eyes looking straight into the abyss.

Jorgensen was able to realize this and shared it with her relieved followers. She said, "It's just a bag of cat food." It's a bag full of cat food. Oh my God!

Jorgensen was reassured by other pet owners who commented. The next slide is extremely important. Don't miss it.

Jorgensen said that she was trying to put on shoes and count the cats. It looks exactly like one of my cats, so it was full panic. Thanks god it wasn't but experience was rememberable.