Here's a chance for you to know whether you're an extrovert or an introvert.

Simply by looking at this optical illusion, you can tell if it is one or another.

This image shows a circle of turquoise with a face and 2 birds creating a mustache against a background of black.

To determine which figures you see first, you should look at the image for only a few seconds.

One may instantly see a round face of the moon and two birds creating the stache.

If you notice the blue moon face first it is a sign that you are an introvert but sensitive and kind.

This type of person can also avoid conflict and have a remarkable intuition that helps them stay away from difficult issues.

They also learn from their mistakes and have a unique personality that brings both strength and challenge.

They are good listeners and can handle certain situations well.

For those who saw a glimpse of the birds in their first impression, it indicates that these types of people are warm and fun-loving extroverted fellows.

They are the ones who live life to its fullest. They are happy, light-hearted, funny, spiritual, and playful.

These people are friendly and open-minded, which makes them pleasant to be around.