This Japanese Man Gets Paid To Do Nothing (Making $500 A Day)

Shoji Morimoto is a man who has what many would consider a dream job. He gets paid almost nothing for his work.

Tokyo resident, 38, charges 10,000 yen ($71) an hour to travel with clients or be a companion. 

"I rent myself out. Morimoto stated that his job is to go wherever his clients want and to do nothing in particular. 

He also told reporters that he had handled approximately 4,000 sessions over the past four years.

Morimoto has a slim build and an average appearance. He now has nearly 25% of a million Twitter followers, where he finds most of his clients. 

Nearly 25% of his customers are repeat clients, with one client who has hired him 270x.

He has been taken to the park by someone who wants to ride on a seesaw as part of his job.

He waved at a stranger through a train window, wanting a farewell.

Morimoto doesn't have to do anything to be successful. Morimoto worked in publishing before he found his true calling.

He was frequently criticized for doing nothing. He said, "I began to wonder what would happen if my ability to do nothing as a service for clients." 

Morimoto now has the companionship business as his sole source of income. This is how he provides for his family, including his wife and children.