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This Guy From Illinois Wins $1.34 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot

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The search for the second largest Mega Millions jackpot has ended with a single ticket being sold in the Chicago area to win a total of $1.337 billion.

One ticket purchased from Des Plaines hit the top prize on Friday's drawing as per the Illinois Lottery,

Which won the third-highest jackpot in the history of the US lottery and the end of a run that started in the year Mega Millions last drew a jackpot winner in the middle of April.

The ticket won was bought at a Speedway gas station located in Des Plaines on Saturday, roughly a 20-mile drive northwest of downtown Chicago, according to the Illinois Lottery.

We haven't received any information from the winner as of yet. So I would advise everyone to verify your ticket," Illinois Lottery Director Harold Mays told reporters Saturday morning in Chicago

The lottery operator declared that the jackpot increased to $1.337 billion by Friday night from the earlier estimation of $1.28 billion.

If the buyer chooses the cash lump sum option, the ticket will result in one-time payments of around $780 million. In other cases, the $1.34 billion jackpot will be divided into the initial price and 29 monthly payments.

The winning numbers on Friday night included 13, 36, 45, and 57, along with the Mega Ball of 14. Mega Ball of 14.

Mays said that its Speedway convenience store located in Des Plaines would receive $500,000 to sell tickets that have been won.

The person who bought the ticket has one year from the drawing date to claim their prize and may choose to hide the winner's name from being revealed to the world, Mays said. 

The highest prize in the entire US lottery contest was $1.586 billion, an amount that was a Powerball jackpot that ran from January 13th, 2016, which was shared among winners from California, Florida, and Tennessee.