TikTok has created a buzz with a silent animation that tricked the brain into "hearing" a sound.

This short clip shows an electric pylon leaping over power lines like a skipping line, which causes the screen to shake every time it lands. Do you hear the sound?

Some say they hear the tower hitting the ground- a thudding or boinging sound.

Experts say the sound is not real and is caused by an auditory illusion.

Although the GIF has been popular for many years, it gained popularity again this year when it was posted on various social media.

Dr. Lisa DeBruine tweeted the animation, asking: “Does anyone in visual perception know why you can hear this gif?”

Experts believe the brain creates the sound because it anticipates hearing a loud sound when there is a collision.

This illusion works because larger objects falling to the ground can cause a thumping sound.

Fiona Macpherson from the University of Glasgow, an expert in the Illusion Index, said: "It's an expectation that is causing some to hear the thuds.

"The GIF of the jumping pole shows a cross-modal expectation. This effect involves more than one sense, such as sight and hearing.