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The World's First Bitcoin Sky Mansion - See The Video

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Bitcoin will soon come to life as a well-known and valuable cryptocurrency after the Welfare Developments inaugurate the world's first Bitcoin Sky Mansion.

This mansion is open to those who want fractional ownership. In addition, investors can purchase parts of the villa with Bitcoin.

Welfare Developments has partnered with Propchain, a platform where you can access unique real estate properties and developments across the globe!

The property covers over 600 square meters and has three floors in the heart of Dubai at Boulevard Point.

The majestic Burj Khalifa can be viewed from the stunning balcony of the luxury triplex with a roof bar, jacuzzi, pool table, and a variety of rooms branded with "BTC" and many other things.

Propchain Chief Executive Officer Robin Ubaghs said the mansion would be finished in the coming months.

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