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The Twitter App Has A New Chirp Sound

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We noticed something interesting about Twitter's iOS App: When you pull down to refresh your Twitter feed, you'll hear a new sound. 

The first is a slight windup trill, which plays when you pull down your feed. Then, after your feed refreshes, you may hear a brief confirmation chirp. 

This is a bit different than the "pop" you may have heard before refreshing.

Although we don't know precisely when the change occurred, we noticed it Friday afternoon. We also saw a lot of tweets from Friday about the new chirp. 

In addition, a few tweets mention a chirp in the last couple of weeks. This could indicate that Twitter is slowly rolling out the change ahead of a more significant release.

This seems to be an iOS-only phenomenon. However, a few tweets I found about the chirp were also sent from Android.

You can hear the noise on your phone by pulling it down to refresh it. For example, try force-closing the Twitter app, then opening it again. This worked well for me. 

Also, make sure you are using the most recent app version. This is still a work in progress, so we don't know how widespread it will be.