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The Sun Has A New Way To Kill Us - Here's How Using CMEs

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The Sun is a roiling, violent nightmare of superheated Plasma, magnetic fields and light so intense that it could take away every atom. 

The Sun will use a CME on you to kill you if you depend on electricity for daily living. 

The Sun will eventually become a Red Giant and swallow the Earth completely within 5 billion years. 

The Sun can occasionally fire some charged particles into space called coronal mass-ejections (CMEs)

Most of these are harmless to us. However, a CME can hit Earth and cause what space scientists call space weather.

CMEs emit ionizing radiation that can knock out satellites or space stations in the orbital environment. 

A super CME could crash into Earth today and cause damage to our power grid, GPS and communication systems. 

This would leave us in darkness, cold and isolated. This effect was evident in Quebec (On March 13, 1989), where a severe space storm led to a system-wide breakdown. 

Experts warn that it could take several months to restore power if something like this happens today.