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11 Scientifically Dumb Plots Hollywood Keeps Feeding Us Anyway

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It should not surprise you that many movies depicting science are inaccurate. 

These tropes are worth looking at to see if they're true or false.

In that spirit, here are some scientifically stupid plots Hollywood continues to feed us along with the truth.

1. We Only Use 10% Of Our Brains 2. Someone’s Been Buried Alive And Actually Has A Chance To Get Out 3. Hypnosis Can Be Used To Control A Person's Mind

4. If You Get Hit On The Head, You Have Amnesia Now 5. Sodium Pentothal Is A Truth Serum That Will Make You Spill All Your Secrets

6. We Can Cryogenically Freeze Ourselves And Wake Up In The Future 7. Look Out, Everything’s About To Be Sucked Up By A Black Hole

8. Aliens Are Here And We Can Easily Communicate With Them 9. The Deep Ocean Is Full Of Giant, Undiscovered Predators

10. There Is A Massive Global Conspiracy Being Kept Secret From Everyone 11. We Can Upload Your Consciousness To A New Body