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The James Webb Telescope Makes its First Discovery

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First comes the art, and then comes the science. A little over a week after, NASA amazed the world with its first set of images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

James Webb Space Telescope scientists working on one of the images believe they've discovered the first image of the oldest galaxy in history, Skip Few Slides To See The Image Of Discovery.

One that dates to 13.5 billion years, or about 300 million years following the Big Bang, report Space.com and other sources.

A galaxy's age is determined by what is referred to as the redshift. 

As the universe expands, its wavelength gets stretched into the spectrum of red. The darker images, the more the stretching, and the further away--and more old-fashioned the object is. 

Analyzing the deep-field image the Webb telescope returned, a team led by astronomer Rohan Naidu of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics detected a galaxy with a shift that fixes it at the 13.5 billion year point.