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The Engineer Who Said GoogleAI's LaMDA Has It'sOwn Ideas, Emotions And Is Conscious, Has Been Fired By Google

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Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer who claimed publicly that Google's LaMDA artificial intelligence,

a conversational system, can communicate, has feelings, and is conscious, was fired by Google, according to The Big Technology newsletter. 

On June 1, Google made Lemoine an administrative employee on leave due to breaching its confidentiality policy after Lemoine contacted the government with concerns.

The company also employed an attorney for representation of LaMDA.

A letter sent to journalists on Friday by Google spokesperson Brian Gabriel appeared to confirm the dismissal, saying that "we wish the best of luck to Blake." 

Google also declares: "LaMDA has been through 11 different reviews, and we also published research papers earlier this year that detailed the process involved in the responsible development of its products." 

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