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Texas Women Accused Of Stealing 460 Gallons Of Fuel From 7 -11 Gas Stations

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Two Texas women were arrested for stealing fuel from a 7-Eleven gas station. 

The theft was part of a trend of fuel thefts across the country due to high gasoline prices.

The incident occurred in Grapevine, Texas, on August 11. Grapevine Police Department stated that police were called to the 7-11 for a theft in progress.

Police said that a driver parked near a pump immediately drove away when officers arrived.

Police later identified the two women as Annabel Collado Cruz, 28, and Lisandro Campana Fruto, 47, admitted to using a device for fuel theft.

Amanda McNew from Grapevine Police Department told FOX4 Dallas/Fort Worth that the pair were accused of taking 460 gallons of fuel in Grapevine. 

Police say the couple had attached a device at the pump to steal diesel fuel. 

Police found evidence that the duo had made a second trip to the station and found a 250-gallon fuel tank in their pickup's bed.