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Tesla Launches Cheaper Model Y In Europe

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Tesla has announced its Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive Standard Range in Europe, and it's surprisingly affordable.

Tesla has decided to bring the long-awaited Model Y Standard Range with rear-wheel drive to Europe. 

In a recently updated version of its configurator online, Tesla introduced a revised version of its base Model Y available for sale in various European markets.

The latest version of the Model Y is listed as "Rear-Wheel-Drive" and comes with 

A WLTP distance of 455 kilometers (283 miles) as opposed to the Long Range's 533km (331 miles) range.

Its top speed remains identical at 217 km/h. However, the speed of 0-100 km/h is slower, at 6.9 seconds.

The place where the car excels is in its price. In the Netherlands, it is priced at EUR50,000 to EUR16,000 lower as it's Long Range version.

It includes a VAT of about EUR8,850. So the price starts at around EUR42,000, which is currently about equal to that of the US dollar. 

If the vehicle were to be offered in the US, the price would be around $20,000 cheaper than the cheapest model that is Model Y.