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Tesla Loses Its Head Of Artificial Intelligence ‘Andrej Karpathy’

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A Tesla proprietor in San Francisco filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Tesla 

Regarding a mysterious braking issue that he claims has transformed "a security feature into potentially dangerous terrifying nightmare."

Lawsuit was filed by San Francisco resident Jose Alvarez Toledo in federal court in the Northern District of California.

In the lawsuit, Toledo estimates that "hundreds of thousands" of Tesla customers may want to join in his class action lawsuit against the company.

The suit accuses Tesla of knowingly concealing the dangers of the firm's Autopilot driver assistance system, infringing on its warranty,

Profiting unfairly from Autopilot, and infringing on California's law against unfair competition. Toledo seeks punitive damages.

The suit filed amid Tesla is subject to a federal investigation regarding its phantom brake issue that first surfaced in the fall.