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Tesla Driver On Autopilot Kills Motorcyclist: Total 39 Cases Till Now

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A motorcyclist from Draper, Utah, was killed early on Sunday morning after the Tesla driver using Autopilot crashed into the back of his bicycle, hurling him over the side and instantly killing him. 

The latest incident that Tesla's driver-assist technology has caused has drawn the attention of authorities at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

This Utah incident is one of the latest to be added to the NHTSA's Special Crash Investigations (SCI), which gathers more information than the local government and insurers usually collect at the scene.

On the 26th of July, 48 accidents were on SCI's list, including 39 incidents from Tesla automobiles.

Tesla is the top choice for the government's list of crashes that happen when using active driver assistance features that automakers claim will make driving more secure. 

Tesla's statistics were significantly more than other businesses because it has more vehicles with Level 2 features than its rivals.

However, Tesla crashes, particularly those that involve Autopilot, 

are worthy of attention due to the willingness of the company to try out the latest software with its customers and, consequently, on everyone else who is close to the drivers.