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Tesla Cybertruck Video Leaked - Everything You Need To Know About Elon Musk's Surprising Tesla Product

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A person uploaded a video that showed the inside of a Tesla Cybertruck. 

This video shows the outer and other parts of the truck while the person moves around it and gives us a peek at the tailgate, wheels, and bed.

It's been said earlier that the Cybertruck remains strange to many due to its stainless steel finish and trapezoidal form.

But for others it's unique and worth trying as it is made by Tesla.

The subtitles include hilarious comments from a person who was present "Man, tell Elon that he's doing more than enough," comparing this with a fridge made of stainless steel that would "put your food products" inside.

The video's subtitles also state it's the "concept model," so the version distributed to consumers could be a bit different.  MOVE TO NEXT SLIDE TO WATCH THE VIDEO 

Tesla Cyber Truck Video

Video Credits: Cybertruck owners club