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Telegram Founder Blames Apple's App Store Review Process For Delay In Update

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According to Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram, a Telegram post by Pavel Durov (via MacRumors), an update for Telegram has been in Apple's App Review for two weeks "without explanation." 

Although he claims the update will "revolutionize how people communicate in messaging," it has not yet been approved.

Durov spoke about the unsolved issue as part of a more exhaustive critique of app store business models. 

Durov claims that Telegram is being discouraged by an "obscure" process for app reviews that's been "imposed on all of the mobile apps by tech monopolies."

 He also said that Telegram, one of the most downloaded apps worldwide, receives this treatment. 

One can only imagine the problems experienced by smaller app developers.

It is unclear what the update contains. Apple approved the update a day after Durov had posted about this issue. 

Telegram and Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Durov has previously criticized Apple's app review process. 

Durov claimed that Apple blocked updates for the Telegram iOS application after Russia banned Telegram.