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Taiwan's Highest Civilian Award: What Is Propitious Clouds?

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Recently, You've heard a lot about 'Propitious Clouds' as Nancy Pelosi received this award. But what it is? Let's explore in detail

What is the Propitious Clouds (Order of Propitious Clouds)? This is Taiwan's highest civil honor.

The order can be given to citizens and foreigners for their contributions to the country. 

Propitious is a sign of success or giving the impression that you have a high chance of succeeding. 

The blue sash's medal is placed in the middle of the medal to signify that success is possible. 

Since 1941, only 21 people have received the honor. Pelosi isn't the first American or foreigner to be awarded the honor. 

Just few hours ago, It was given to Nancy Pelosi.

Credits: The Recount

In June, Tsai presented the award to Joel Guerriau, a French senator, for his contribution to strengthening relations between France and Taiwan. 

It was also given to Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, a member of Florida's 27th congressional district, and Jesse Helms, a US senator representing North Carolina.