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Stickers That Can See Inside The Body - Developed By MIT

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Engineers at MIT have created a new design that could make ultrasound imaging accessible, like Band-Aids.

Researchers at MIT have created a stretchable ultrasound probe, which conforms to the body just like a sticker.

The device is stamp-sized and sticks to the skin. It can continue to examine internal organs for up 48 hours.

These stickers could be used to make wearable imaging products patients can take home or purchase.

Hydrogel is a water-based adhesive that transmits sound waves and is used to make the adhesive layer of the device.

The MIT team also created and manufactured a range of small ultrasound transducers.

MIT researchers also developed an ultrasound sticker which can provide clear images of the body's underlying structures.

The stickers could be used to monitor internal organs, the progression of tumours, and fetuses within the womb.

Software algorithms are being developed to interpret stickers' images better.