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Elon Musk’s Starlink Got Hacked Using A $25 Tool - See The Shocking Response From SpaceX

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Lennert Wouters, a security researcher, said it only cost $25 to create a device that could hack Starlink's satellite internet service. 

Wouters stated in a press release that Starlink User Terminals (UT), which are widely available, expose them to hackers and allows attackers to explore the network freely.

SpaceX has not responded to experts' requests for comment.

Wouters is a researcher based at the Belgian university KU Leuven. 

Earlier this week, he revealed the security breach at a Las Vegas computer security conference.

Wired reported that he demonstrated a modchip (also known as a DIY circuit board) that he had built to hack into Starlink. 

According to Wired, the modchip was made using parts that can be easily purchased off-the-shelf for $25. It would attach directly to a Starlink dish.

Wouters stated that hackers could run code on Starlink devices to gain access to the entire system, including parts previously inaccessible. 

The plans for the modchip have been made public by the researcher on GitHub.

SpaceX pays Starlink's researchers to hack the system. Wouters carried out the hack as part of their program. 

SpaceX expressed gratitude to Wouters for their discovery on Wednesday and announced that it had released an update to its software. 

Wouters said that Wired Starlink would remain vulnerable until SpaceX releases a new version.