Today's Optical Illusion Users have to search for an animal in this drawing of a face of a man.

Some viewers claim to have seen the animal immediately, while others still struggle. Don't worry; we've hints and answers for you too.

Creator challenged his followers and asked them to locate the hidden animal in the optical illusion.

He asked the viewers to spot any other items beneath the artwork. He said, "It's kinda difficult to see."

Are you able to find that hidden animal? If yes, make sure you share it with your friends and tell them to try it too.

One user was excited when he found the answer and stated: "OMG, a chicken.

Another user, frustrated by the illusion, wrote: "Think you are funny?" This photo doesn't contain any animals. ANSWER is given in the next slide.

ANSWER: Just flip your phone upside-down and see the image. The bird appears to be eating from a bowl containing the man's cap.