Splatoon 3 Conch Shell Glitch May Disrupt Splatfest Results

Splatoon 3 has a major glitch that affects the ability to earn points by insinuations and outflings in preparation for the first Splatfest. 

Conch Shells are being given to some Splatoon3 players who have not yet joined a team for this Splatfest. 

If they meet these conditions, Conch Shells could also be removed from players' inventories and not count towards the final Splatfest results.

Officially, Nintendo stated that players must choose a team to participate in the Splatfest.

This will prevent this bug from nullifying any Conch Shells earned. 

The Nintendo Direct announced that players could choose whether they wanted to bring gear, food, or fun to the Splatfest.

This Splatfest will be held from Sept. 23 through Sept. 25 and will feature a Tricolor Turf War in the last few hours. 

Conch Shells cannot be purchased before the Splatfest starts and only if players have selected a team.