Experts share their thoughts on why Spiral Linux may be the best Linux distribution for people who have never tried it.

What is Spiral Linux? Spiral Linux, a Linux distribution for those who are not as familiar with Linux (although advanced users can choose), is based on Debian Linux and has the lofty goal of supporting all major Linux desktop environments. 

Spiral Linux currently offers versions for these desktops: - Cinnamon - Xfce - GNOME - KDE Plasma - Mate - Budgie - LXQt

Debian is the OS's foundation. This means that the OS is very reliable and stable. However, some applications may not be up to date.

This is fine, as stability and reliability are the main goals here. You don't want cutting-edge apps on your production desktop.

Sprial Linux has some unique features, including: - Support for older hardware (thanks to the 5.16 kernel and proprietary firmware). - It is easy to upgrade to Debian Testing and Unstable branches.

- Btrfs subvolume layout, Zstd transparent compress, and Snapper snapshots to make it easy to roll back. - Support for your printers is extensive. - Pre-installed TLP to optimize power management.

- VirtualBox support outside of the box - zRAM swap to improve performance - Normal users automatically get added to the sudo group.

The developer considered what a Linux distribution should look like for new users. The only problem is that there is no Welcome app for new users to make it easier to log in. 

However, even with this oversight, Spiral Linux can be an excellent Linux distribution, and anyone would feel right at home.