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Sony's PlayStation VR2 Headset Is Launching Soon

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Sony's PlayStation VR2 headset is coming in early 2023,

according to posts the company posted on its social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram.

Sony has been leaking details about the coming headset for the last few months, 

and we now have at least a timeline to know when we'll be able to receive the device.

Although the company revealed information about the headset's design earlier in the year, it hasn't yet revealed pricing.

The headset is promising plenty to its PlayStation VR2 -- it'll have displays that can go up to 4K resolution, 

operate at 120 or 90Hz with a 110-degree angle of view and utilize foveated rendering,

which renders specific areas of the image sharper than others, making it easier for computers (or in this instance for the PlayStation 5).