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Sony PlayStation Has Defrauded With Us - Faces 5.9 Billion Dollars Lawsuit

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Sony is currently facing a lawsuit seeking $5.9 billion from the company based on claims of "ripping consumers off" by tricking them off with its PlayStation digital games sales. 

According to a report by Sky News, the Japanese gaming giant is now being threatened by a consumer-rights group located in the U.K., 

headed by Alex Neill, which accuses the company of shady and unfair pricing for online versions of their games.

The lawsuit states that Sony charges a fee of 30 percent for every game offered for sale & microtransactions made through the online shop, which results in higher prices for customers. 

The filing states that up to 9 million customers could be eligible for an amount in the case, ranging between $79 and $61.

"The game is now over for Sony PlayStation," said Neill.

"With this legal action, I'm fighting for thousands of U.K. individuals who were unknowingly overcharged. We believe that Sony has misused its position and defrauded its customers."