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SONOS Upcoming Speaker Will Play Sound In All Directions

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Sonos is believed to be working on an upcoming speaker that will transmit audio in "nearly every direction" simultaneously. 

This speaker, called Optimo 2, as it is believed to be named, will be a single speaker product that will take over Sonos Five. 

It's said to include many drivers, including those that emit different frequencies, as well as two grilles at the front and rear.

According to the announcement, the speaker also has twice the amount of RAM as its predecessor, the Sonos Five, and eight times more flash memory than prior Sonos devices. 

Sonos Optimo 2 will also be able to use Bluetooth, according to the company, and Sonos Voice Control.

Dolby Atmos Support for this speaker is also available, thanks to the numerous drivers that allow multi-channel audio in all directions.

It could be for music from such as Amazon or Apple Music, plus cinema soundtracks connected to an audio-visual system.

There's no information about when Sonos could launch its latest speaker(s). We'll keep you posted when we find out more.