Sonos Announces Affordable Sub Mini Speaker

Today, Sonos announced the Sub Mini wireless subwoofer. It is smaller and more affordable than the full-sized Sonos Sub. 

Sonos announced that the Sub Mini would become available worldwide starting October 6.

The pricing is $429 in the United States compared with $749 for the full-size Sub.

Sonos claims that the Sub Mini uses advanced digital signal processing to 

"maximize bass response and reproduce the full-toned low frequency expected from a larger subwoofer." 

Additionally, for a complete home theatre experience, the subwoofer can be used with AirPlay-enabled Sonos speakers and soundbars like the Ray, Ray, and One via Wi-Fi.

Users can add the Sub Mini to the Sonos system by using the Sonos app on their iPad or iPhones. 

Sonos claims that Trueplay tuning technology adapts the bass to the room's unique acoustics so that it doesn't sound harsh, muddy or flat, even when the Sub Mini is placed near a wall.