The company today announced that 25 Black Snapchat creators will be provided funding, mentorship and other resources as part of a 1-year accelerator program.

Similar programs have been launched by other major platforms to support emerging creators from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Snap states that Black creators face unique systemic obstacles in the creator industry, including disparities in compensation and attribute and toxic experiences.

However, we believe mentorship and financial support can be a way to help emerging Black creators at the beginning of their professional careers.

Snap claims it will provide resources to selected applicants, including mentoring and monthly stipends. Snap also offers early access to product updates.

Snap will give each participant $10,000 per calendar month "to support the applicant's creative endeavours." Snap is the latest tech company that has launched programs for underrepresented creators. 

It committed money and other resources while acknowledging any barriers they may face in their work. Likewise, YouTube announced earlier this year that it had chosen grantees for its #YouTubeBlackvoices Fund.

This continues its 2020 promise to spend $100m to "amplify Black creators" over three years. The company states that the launch of the accelerator program is part of our larger, ongoing efforts to ensure that the content on our platform reflects Snapchatters' diverse interests.

This program is in partnership with Google Pixel, UNCMMN and Westbrook Media. It is part of Snap's 523 programs which are "designed to spotlight and support small, minority-owned content businesses and creatives that previously lack access and resources."

Snapchat's application period is open until August 12. Creators will be chosen by September 1.