Snapchat Removes Maori Tattoo Filters After Outcry

Snapchat, a social network, has taken down the feature that allowed users to use traditional Maori tattoos on their faces.

After protests in New Zealand's native Maori community, the filters were taken down. 

Maoris consider tattoos sacred and are believed to be a significator of the wearer's identity.

The decision follows local news reports that filters were gaining popularity across social networks.

Radio New Zealand showed users' images of filters bearing names like "Maori face Tattoo" or "Maori" on the Instagram social media platform. 

The statement issued by Snap, the owner of the Snapchat platform, confirmed that the filter and its duplicate had been taken off their platform.

"We urge our users to develop Lenses which are inclusive, and all content shared on Snapchat must adhere to our guidelines for communities," Snap told the BBC in their statement.

"These are explicit that we do not allow content that defames, insults or encourages discrimination."