Snap is currently testing a paid subscription called Snapchat Plus. This will give users early access and other capabilities. Snap spokesperson Liz Markman stated that:

Snapchat Plus is a new subscription service that we are testing internally. We are excited to share pre-release, experimental and exclusive features with our subscribers and learn how we can best serve them.

Alessandro Paluzzi posted screenshots and information on Twitter. He said that Snap is testing new features for Snapchat Plus.

These include the ability to pin a friend as your "#1 best friend" (which sounds like drama, MySpace made it the top 8 for a reason), changing the Snapchat icon, and seeing who rewatches the stories.

Paluzzi also revealed that Snapchat Plus costs 4.59 Euros per month and 45.99 Euros annually (roughly $4.84 and 48.50, respectively). These prices may be placeholders at this point.

Snap is not the only messaging or social network that offers a paid tier. Telegram confirmed working on a premium subscription, while Twitter launched its Blue service in late 2013.

Many free apps have to rethink how they make money after Apple introduced a privacy feature in iOS 14.5, allowing users to disable ad tracking for each app.

Snapchat cited iOS changes as the reason for missed revenue targets and stated that it would slow down hiring this year.