Snapchat For Web Is Now Available To Everyone

Snapchat launched a web app in July. This was the first time the platform was made available beyond mobile. 

Snapchat now says that the web version, which was only available to paid subscribers, is now open to all users.

Today, Snapchat announced the expanded availability in a roundup of new features and services for fall.

Snapchat for the web allows users to chat with their friends and video call them, with conversations automatically synchronizing between the devices. 

Nathan Boyd, Snap's head of messaging product, stated that a web-based version of Snapchat was an "unmet need".

The web version offers more space for users to chat and video-call with friends from the same window.

The company stated that Snapchat has a hundred million monthly users call each other using the service. 

Users will typically chat with others right before closing the app.