Mojo Vision, a California company that makes AR-capable smart contact lenses, is already conducting the first human trial. 

Drew Perkins, the company's CEO, was the first to try the contact lenses. He shared his experiences in a blog post.

According to multiple reports, Mojo Vision was developing smart contact lenses that could project images from the eye a few months back. 

This company plans to pack the world's most dense display on a surface less than 0.5mm in diameter.

The contact lens has an integrated gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. This allows you to monitor your eye movements so that AR imagery is displayed in a steady-state, even if your eyes move. 

The micro batteries that power the device are rechargeable wirelessly and keep it going throughout the day.

What is the smart lens capable of? MojoVision wants users to see colourful text, rich graphics and even video content with these smart contact lenses. This is regardless of whether they are outdoors or indoors.

The company's intuitive interface uses eye-tracking technology to allow users to interact with content without needing gestures or a smartphone.

Perkins is the only person who has ever worn them. Perkins shared his experience with contact lenses in a blog post. 

"I found I could interact with a compass to find my bearings, view images, and use an on-screen teleprompter to read a surprising but familiar quote. I experienced firsthand the future of Invisible Computing".

When will these AR glasses be made available for purchase? The short answer is not yet. This is due to more than just technological advances. Before the device could be put on, CEO Perkins had to go through preclinical testing. 

Mojo Vision must prove that these smart contact lenses are safe before selling them to the general public. They will also need to perform clinical studies and obtain approvals from Food and Drug Administration.

Mojo Lens plans to make its device available to developers so that they can add additional features. Users of the upcoming trials can also give feedback on software and apps and their performance on this device. This will help to refine the user experience.

Perkins said in a blog post that "This tool can be used to help people stay focused and not lose access to the information they need in any circumstance."

 "Mojo Vision created a smart contact lens with capabilities that were impossible to imagine outside science fiction." Until today."