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Shocking: Samsung  5.5 Years Old Galaxy S8 Receives A New Update

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After a long time, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S8+ just released a quick fix.  In May 2021, they received their last update. 

The firmware G95*FXXUCDVG4 changelog only states that GPS stability has been improved. 

This doesn't seem like enough to explain the 420MB download. However, if there were any other fixes, those weren't mentioned. 

This is a temporary fix. The phone will continue to run Android 9 with a security update starting April 1, 2021. This is still a lot for a very old phone.

GalaxyClub has reported that several older phones will soon get an update, including the Galaxy S7 (2016) and Galaxy S6 (2015). 

Galaxy S9 (2018), the most recent version of the S-series, will also get an update. These phones are not on the official list. 

The Galaxy S10 (2018), released in 2019, is on a quarterly schedule. The S10 Lite remains on the monthly schedule.