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Shivon Zilis Reportedly Claims She Had Twins Via IVF (No Romance)

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The twins that Elon Musk fathered along with Shivon Zilis, one of his top employees of Neuralink, were conceived via IVF, as per the reports.

Zilis, 36, has revealed to friends that she and her billionaire boss never had any relationship se*ually or were involved in romantic relationships, as per official sources.

The executive from Canada is Musk's director of special projects and operations at Neuralink. 

She has since informed some of her colleagues she was able to have children with Tesla's Tesla CEO via IVF, According to five people who are familiar with the matter.

The company's policies prohibit employees from having relationships with those in a higher positions because of potential conflicts of interest. 

However, Reuters reports that the company's management has accepted Zilis in explaining why her relationship with Musk was not romantic.

Sources have also informed Reuters that Zilis and Musk have been working closely throughout the time since the birth of the twins.

In the last few days, Musk dispatched Zilis to meet with Thomas Oxley, the CEO of Neuralink's rival, Synchron.

Musk, Zilis, and Oxley have discussed Neuralink's potential to invest in Synchron.